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We accept inquiries from both individuals and corporations!
I am mainly good at creating illustrations for book covers and illustrations, character designs, LINE stamps, YouTube video comics, and advertising comics.

■ Inquiries

We accept requests and consultations from the contact form.

Please give a brief overview as far as you can understand.

The quotation goes smoothly.

● Request details

● Details of characters used

● Atmosphere of design (if any)

● Paper size

● Schedule until delivery deadline

● Amount

Also, if you would like to request an illustration (caricature, welcome board, etc.) outside the contents, please contact us as we can quote.

In addition, consultation is free.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

■ Estimate / order confirmation

We will provide you with a quote and schedule .

If you agree, we will confirm your order.

Basically, we will reply within 3 days, but if it is different from these notes or due to the circumstances of the place of employment, the reply may be delayed.

We will provide you with a quote and schedule.

In addition, we completely refuse requests such as creator registration and invitations for high-priced exhibitions without a specific introduction project .

■ How to exchange

The main exchange is the email or chatwork on the right.

Also, remote work communication is possible.

If you have a desired exchange method, please ask at the same time as your request, and we will tell you the ID and address of your desired exchange method.

■ About delivery, ordering, etc.

Delivery method

Data format: PSD / JPEG / PNG

We provide both printed matter and WEB with the size and image resolution that match the medium.

If the data is heavy, we will notify you by e-mail of the URL of the file service.

About copyright

In principle, we do not accept copyright transfer.

We do not waive the moral rights of the author.

■ About deposit

Please transfer to the designated account stated on the invoice.

We would appreciate it if it was within one month of delivery.

In addition, in the case of an individual request that is not a company, we may take prepayment measures.

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